Aardvark's Cashier

Aardvark Technologies Cashier's Application is a betting management application. Developed and released by Aardvark Technologies Ltd. as a part of the Aardvark Technologies Betting management system.

Aardvark introduced a variety of features and system components for the Cashier. This article is for everyone who wants learn more about those components.

The article consists of paragraphs and sub-paragraphs. Each feature or interface element has a description as well as how-to instructions.

NB: we used screenshots from a 13“ notebook (1280 x 800)

The basic hardware requirements to run Cashier's application are the same as for running a web browser currently released in the market (Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, MS Edge and so on).

The application can run on any desktop or mobile computer (e.g. tablet, smartphone, notebook, laptop) as long as it has a stable internet connection and a web browser. Aardvark Betting System is a client-server application that runs on a web browser and is not a traditional software, which is required to be downloaded and installed.

However, we highly recommend using our application in a freeware web browser Google Chrome. Our updates are released first for Chrome users and our application works stable in this web browser.

Learn how to download and install Google Chrome

Last, an account for the cashier's application is required. Cashier account with its credentials should be provided by a shop manager or SBI Support team.

Aardvark's Support team is part of Aardvark Technologies Ltd. working on 24/7 operational basis. The support team can be informed about errors or wanted the user interface updates through Skype™, account: SBI_support

Learn how to download and install Skype

On some occasions, our Support team may require to remotely connect to the Cashier's computer to assist with a reported issue, missing feature or training request and for that, the Support team uses Teamviewer application.

Learn how to download and install Teamviewer

Aardvark Cashier's application processes financial data with a continuous client-server update. To ensure all data is securely transferred between the betting system components, a constant network connection must be established. If the network connection is disrupted or completely lost, the transfers between client-server are stopped until the internet connection is re-established.

After the connection is lost, the Cashier must immediately report this to the shop manager or any other personnel who is responsible for network connectivity. A cashier will not be able to carry out the functions the Cashier is responsible for (e.g. print and payout betting slips) until the network is re-established.

Cashier's application in Aardvark integrates all required features for the Cashier to carry out functions the Cashier is responsible for. This wiki page consists of descriptive articles about each user interface (UI) element as well as how-to instructions for other services and functionality of Aardvarks Cashier's application.

Aardvark was revised to ensure that all the activity done through the application is fast and smooth. This includes proper functionality regarding printing, paying out, revoking (canceling) Slips and so on.

Features, such as Last bet and reuse bets were added. Float operations functionality is provided with the ability to use Float PINs for the Shop managers or any other personnel. The app can be used in Full-screen mode so the workflow won't be distracted by other features accessible on the computer. Customer screen has been improved to show all information for of the betting slip to the customer as well as extra information provided by the HQ.

Cashier’s application user interface is designed to adapt its user interface based on the type of device being used e.g. desktop or mobile computer (tablet, laptop or notebook). The app is optimized for mouse and keyboard use.

Aardvark Cashier’s application has three core interface elements which are interconnected to make cashier’s work smooth and fast.

The article will cover each user interface element separately.

NB: Games (or Products) in the Side menu and Betting Slip window is only visible when the Shift is started

Cashier's app menu bar contains two drop-down menus, tabs with information and quick access buttons. Each graphical element can be accessed by moving the mouse cursor and clicking on them once.

Top left corner has a drop-down menu and by clicking it a main-menu will be revealed. The button will change from list to X icon, click X to hide the menu.

This menu consists of all accessible elements to the Cashier, profile, shift list, settings, printer, help and full screen. After starting Cashier's shift, the main-menu will also contain all Aardvark products (games) list. Depending on the Cashier's style of work, this main-menu can be used as a quick-access menu to quickly swap between the games of Aardvark.

Top right corner includes a button to logout and user icon with the drop-down menu as well as left. By clicking the user-icon, a Cashier will access another drop down menu with the same features as described in the main-menu. Through the user's drop down menu, the cashier can access my profile, shift list, settings, printer, help and full screen, as well as two features - reload and logout.

Interface Language

Language drop down list offers currently available user interface translations. Default language for the Cashier application is English, but on the first Cashier's connection, the application will try to find a translation for the user. If the translation is available for that kind of user (depending on the settings)


Calculator is a feature designed to assist Cashier when placing, paying out or revoking Slips. The Calculator displays the information about all the money being paid in and then paid out. If money is paid in - then it adds up to the number presented in the calculator, after money is paid out the number is then reduced accordingly.

A Cashier can use this feature per each different customer whenever they are placing and/or winning more than once to handle all the calculations easier.

To reset the calculator back to zero, Cashier needs to click once on the number presented in the calculator or go to the game screen and use CTRL+SHIFT shortcut.

Learn more about shortcuts

Customer screen

Customer screen is used whenever the Point of Sale (POS) has at least two monitors. One monitor used by the cashier while the other, second monitor, is turned to the Customer and used by the Player who is placing bets.

Similar to ticket point of sales where customers can look at the second screen and view the map of the seats in the theater, this way Players can view all the actions done by the Cashier on the Betting slip. All errors (e.g. exceeding maximum stake or exceeding maximum win limit) are presented to the Player in the Customer screen as well as all bets enter by the cashier. Also, an extra information window written by an Administrator can display extra text for the Player, e.g. rules of the Jackpot (Promotion) participation.

Learn how to set-up Customer screen

Other informative elements

Total in Till displays information about Total money in till. NB: Total in Till is only visible when the Shift is started

Stake size informs about minimum and maximum stake size per Slip.

Organization logo shows the organization's logo currently added by an administrator.

Clock displays time and date according to the cashier's computer.

My profile

My profile accessible through user drop-down list or main-menu. It consists of information related to the Cashier's account. Details provided in My profile window is used whenever there is a bug or a feature requested by the cashier, and Aardvark support team requires to know the Cashier's ID or Shift ID or any other information provided in My shift window.

Details provided:

  • Display name (name printed on the Slips; can be changed through Cashier's settings)
  • User name (used for signing in, part of the credentials; can be changed only by an administrator)
  • User type (cannot be changed)
  • Shop the user belongs to (can be changed only by an administrator)
  • Unique cashier's ID (cannot be changed)
  • Shift's ID (shown only when the Cashier started a shift, changes automatically whenever a new shift is started)

Learn how to change the Display name

My Shift List

My Shift List accessible through user drop-down menu or main-menu holds information related to the Cashier's previous Shifts. Shift history is presented in a table format with eight columns of different information:

  • Shift's ID a unique number from a sequence of all Shifts that has been started on the Shop by all Cashiers. Shift history displays only the Shifts started by the same Cashier.
  • Shop on which Shift was started
  • Till name used to identify on which Till Cashier started a Shift
  • Start and End time of the Shift
  • Float balance displays a sum of all floated in and floated out money on that Shift
  • Real balance displays a sum of all paid in and out money on that given Shift
  • Total is calculated by adding Float and Real balance

Lastly, in the last column per each Shift, a button with the Print summary is provided.

Cannot print summary? Learn how to check if the printer is working


Settings in Cashier's application allows the cashier to apply specific but limited changes for the account. These changes are available for:

  • Display name (name printed on the Slip)
  • Email
  • Password
  • Stake mode (default stake mode is Split stake)
  • Sound
  • Design
  • Restoring Defaults

Learn how to change account settings


Printer settings can be accessed either by drop-down menus or by a quick-access link from the menu tab with printer status information.

Printer status information tab in the Menu bar displays whether the printer is successfully active or inactive. A printer must always be active to carry out the Cashier's functions. Without a working printer, Cashier won't be able to start the shift and thus won't be able to work. Status displayed can be either ON or OFF.

Printer status information is extended in the Printer menu. In the Printer menu, details about Printer's model, availability, DPI, page size and printable area are provided.

If the printer is offline please ask for assistance from the Shop manager since the Shop manager's responsibility is to ensure all printers are working.

However, the cashier can execute some changes in the Printer's application:

  • Rescanning printer button is used whenever printer is displayed as inactive (OFF)
  • Printer list is used to change the Printer which should be used instead of auto-selected. The feature allows Cashier to select another Printer which may be active (ON) if current Printer is inactive (OFF)
  • Alignment is used to select Slip printing location
  • Offset feature is used to change printing location instead of alignment or together with alignment
  • Update Settings button is used after making any of the changes described above
  • Restore Defaults button is used to restore all settings to defaults

Lastly, the testing functions provided for the Cashier in the Printer menu. The cashier can test print Betting Slip, Cash operation or Shift summary using the Printer which is selected in the Printer menu (displayed in the Printer drop-down list and Printer status model).

Help, fullscreen, reload and logout

Extra features accessible in the user drop-down menu that provides some functionality for the cashier.

Help is a link which leads the Cashier to this article and wiki page in general. Assistance in Aardvark for the Cashier is categorized into three levels:

  1. Help link accessed through the user interface leads the Cashier to the wiki page with information about the system. This is a primary help for the Cashier. If the Cashier still needs help after looking for information on the wiki page, then the cashier should go to level two of assistance and contact shop manager.
  2. Shop manager should assist the cashier with all the problems that are occurring in the cashier's work place during the shift. If Shop manager cannot assist the cashier, then the Shop manager should go to level three of assistance and contact Aardvark support.
  3. Support team should be contacted whenever neither wiki nor shop manager can assist the cashier.

Full-screen is a feature which allows Cashier to work in full-screen mode. This feature helps Cashier to work comfortably without the disturbance from other external computer sources. The Cashier's app interface includes all information the Cashier need, so it is not required to use any other computer features.

However, exiting full-screen mode is required when opening a new tab with e.g. customer screen or wiki article (help).

Learn how to exit full-screen mode

Reload reload feature allows to refresh the page without the need to sign in again. A cashier may be required to reload the page if any of the settings in product (game) change or the cashier faces some bug, which was fixed but the fix did not apply to the cashier's user interface and so on. Using F5 keyboard button to refresh a page will automatically sign out the Cashier and the Cashier will need to re-sign in again. Use Reload button for a convenient refresh of the application page.

Logout button immediately sings out the user from the System. A user may use the sign out button in the menu bar nearby the user icon, but on smaller screens, the logout button hides and the only way to sign out from the system is to use the logout URL from the drop-down list.

Side menu in cashier's application contains all the products (games) accessible to the Cashier as well as Cashier's My shift button. Side menu in Aardvark's Cashier is the second core user interface element in the application. Side menu by default is collapsed and can be expanded if required by the Cashier.

By clicking on the Collapse/Expand button Cashier will be able to review each of the Product in the Side menu list as well as their names and icons. The cashier can always collapse the side menu and remember the games from their icons.

The cashier won't be able to access the products list until the Shift is started. Only My shift will be accessible.

Learn how to start Cashier's shift

Work area in Cashier's application comprises of two side elements:

  • Main window
  • Betting Slip window

In the Main window, Cashier gets all Game screens as well as other elements of the system. Such as previously described Settings, My Shift, and so on.

However, in the Betting Slip window, Cashier gets all information regarding Betting Slips.

Aardvark cashier's application is harmonized and designed in such way that every element of the user interface is interconnected with each other.

Main window

The Main window essentially is interconnected with all the panels around it. This can be either Betting Slip window, Side menu, Main-menu or Menu bar elements.

Features displayed in the Main window, before the shift is started:

  1. Printer settings
  2. Till list
  3. My Profile details
  4. Account Settings
  5. Start Shift window

After the shift is started, the main window displays more features:

  1. My Shift window, that includes:
    1. Cash and Float operations
    2. Shift Summary
    3. Float Operations feature
  2. Each Game screen

My Shift

My Shift window has three main functions:

  1. Cash Operations tab displays all the actions carried out by the Cashier previously in the Shift. Slip ID is a link to a specific Slip which can be viewed by clicking on the ID link.
  2. Shift Summary information box shows to the Cashier all the Paid In/Out as well as Float In/Out money. Also, summary holds details about Total in Till and Gross win. A cashier can End Shift and Print Shift Summary through the My Shift Summary box. Learn how to end shift and print shift summary
  3. Float Operations (and its information table) are used whenever some Float money should be added or removed to/from the Till the Cashier is working on. If the Cashier does not have enough permissions to add/remove Float, then the Cashier will require Shop manager's assistance. All Float Operations are presented in the Float Operations tab near Cash Operations. Learn more about Float operations

Betting Slip

Betting Slip window contains two tabs:

  • Create New Betting Slip is directly connected with Game screens. The cashier can only place bets from selected Game screens and control other bet entries by selecting appropriate Game screens. Learn how to create new betting slip. Functions and features covered in Create New Betting Slip tab:
    • All different Game bet entries are visually separated in the Betting Slip. Learn how to place bets
    • Single vs Multi bet option slider to easily select between different bet types. Learn more about different Bet types
    • Stake mode slider to switch between different stake modes. Learn more how to change stake mode
    • Stakes can be added with a keyboard or mouse. For mouse, cashier's application is designed to include interactive buttons with preselected stake sizes. Learn how to add stake
    • Max win and Total stake information boxes display for the cashier and the player (if the player can view the slip through the customer screen) maximum potential winnings and total stake.
    • Error and notification area is at bottom-left from the Betting Slip window. It displays all the notifications and errors within the Slip. The player can also see them through the Customer screen. These notifications vary depending on the errors in the Slip, it can be exceeding the winning limit, too low stake size and so on.
    • Clear Slip button to clear out all the Slip completely
    • Print button to print the Slip. If there are errors in the Betting Slip, then Print button will be grayed-out and it won't allow it to print the Slip.
    • Last bet feature is used to place the exact same bets from the previous Betting Slip on a new Slip. This feature can only be used if there is already a single Slip printed during the Shift and application saved information about it. Learn how to use Last bet feature
  • Pay out betting Slip displays all the details of a Slip, when the Slip ID is entered in the Check Slip place. Slip ID can be scanned with a barcode scanner. Learn how to Pay-out the Betting Slip
    • Slip can be checked by entering Slip ID into the pay Out betting Slip Check Slip text box. ID can be either typed with a keyboard, scanned with a scanner or accessed through My Shift Cash operations tab.
    • (optional) Payout code can be used for extra security when paying out the Slips. Payout code is encrypted into the same Slip barcode and can be scanned when paying out the Slip or typed with a keyboard.
    • Revoke Slip button allows Cashier to revoke the Slip. Slips can be revoked only if the time to accept new bets is still open for that Game. If the time passed and betting closed for at least one bet entry on the Betting slip, then the Slip cannot be revoked. Learn how to revoke betting slip
    • Reuse bets feature can be used to reuse scanned Slip bet entries for a new slip. Useful if the Player who provided the Slip wants to play on exactly the same bets. Learn how to reuse bets
    • Slip Details
      • Pay-in Time is when the Slip was printed by the Cashier
      • Resolve Time when the Slip resolved all bet entries or when the Slip was revoked or canceled by an administrator
      • Expiration Date when the Slip will expire (depends on each organization settings individually, by default it is 30 days after the pay-in time)
      • Pay-out Time is when the Slip was paid out if the ticket was revoked, winner or voided

Learn more about Aardvark's Betting Slip structure

Aardvark currently offers ten unique Gaming products for all Players. Depending on the settings used by the Organization games in the Cashier's application may be different.

Each game has its own unique functions and features, but this article will cover the general functionality of the games used in Aardvark.

Each game in Aardvark share some general features that are exclusively unique to Aardvark Cashier's interface rather than the Games interface. To learn more about each game interface please read the articles per each different game listed below.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts are designed to reduce the time required to prepare and print the Slip for the Cashier. These shortcuts are used throughout all the Games in Aardvark:

  • Reset calculator: CTRL+SHIFT
  • Turn on/off shortcuts: ALT+B (or click on On/Off hyperlink in the top-right corner of the Game screen)
  • Focus stake: CTRL+ENTER
  • Focus first stake: ALT+ENTER
  • Clear Betting Slip: CTRL+x
  • Print Betting Slip: SHIFT+ENTER
  • View shortcuts: ?

To use the shortcuts cashier must always deselect any of the possible text boxes. If the cursor is placed in any of the stake boxes or search box (e.g. Global Numbers) then the shortcuts simply won't work.

All game shortcuts are displayed in the top-right corner of each Game screen and are accessible by clicking question mark with a mouse or by pushing question mark key on a keyboard. Shortcuts list can also be printed with by clicking on the printing button in the shortcuts window.

Launch screen

Launch screen Feature allows for the cashier to launch the game screen which is dedicated to the players (do not confuse with customer screen).

Each game has its own screens for the players that can be used on TV screens. These screens can be launched through the Game screen in the Cashier's application. By selecting a game from the side menu or main-menu, cashier opens the game screen. The cashier can then click on the Launch screen hyperlink so the game screen will open in a new tab.

Game history and Summary

Majority of Aardvark games contains two features always displayed at the bottom of the game screen:

  1. Game history window added to each game to display ten previous game event results
  2. Game summary feature designed to allow for the cashier to view or print a specific amount of game summaries
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