Table of ContentsDescriptionRelated How-to instructions
Cashier's WikiWhat is Aardvark's Cashier application?
This article's audience
RequirementsRequirements for Cashier's application
Support TeamContacting Aardvark's Support Team
FeaturesBroad description of Aardvark features
User InterfaceIntroduction to User Interface elements
Menu BarWhat is the Menu bar?
Features and functions accessible through menu bar
Interface language
Customer screenSet-up Customer screen
Other informative elements
My Profile
My Shift List
SettingsChange account settings
Help, fullscreen, reload and logout
Side MenuWhat is the Side menu?
Work areaWork area for a Cashier
Using main window of the work area
Details about My ShiftStart Cashier's Shift
All features and functions of Betting Slip windowCreat New Betting Slip and Payout Betting Slip and more
GamesWhat are "Games" in Aardvark?
General informationGeneral information about Aardvark games and their shared features
Keyboard shortcuts
Launch screen
Game history and Summary feature
All Aardvark GamesList of all Ardvark games


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