Tips & Tricks for Aardvark

Get the most out of Aardvark by trying some of our tips below.

You can create your own custom language and use it on a daily basis. We introduced this feature for people who want to translate their interface language or use a bit different English terms.

Learn how to Create Custom Language.

Set up your Aardvark account in fullscreen to experience the most out of it. This will make your work easier and smoother.

Learn how to enter Fullscreen mode.

Reload Aardvark application whenever there is a released update or any other occasions. Use Reload feature integrated into Aardvark's drop-down menu, instead of any traditional ways as a keyboard shortcut (e.g. F5) or Browser reload.

By using traditional reload options you will need to re-sign in to your Aardvark account every time. While using Aardvark's reload feature you will you refresh your Aardvark application without the need to sign in again.

To access the overview of your previous shifts, click My Shift List in the drop-down menu from your profile. By accessing this list you will be able to see all historical information regarding to your previous shifts.

You will also be able to print their separate summaries.

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