Set up your Printer

To work with Aardvark’s Cashier Software you need to set up your Printer. With connected Printer, you will be able to Start your Shift and use our platform to the fullest.

Note: If you are using your Aardvark account at work you won’t be able to set it up. Ask your administrator to set up your Printer.

Note: If you have enough permissions you can bypass the requirement to have a connected printer. With this, you can test your Cashier platform without a printer.

Learn more about how to bypass the requirement to have a connected printer.

To set up your printer, follow your printer manufacturer’s instructions.

  1. At the top, click [Printer settings icon].
  2. Click, Start Printer App
  3. Download and run Aardvark’s Printer Application.
  4. At the right top, click on Rescan printer.
  5. In printer settings section, check if your printer name is visible in the printers drop-down list.
  6. Select your printer and click update settings.
  7. At the top or in the status section, check if the printer is active.
  • Having problems with Aardvark’s Printer Application? See troubleshooting information.
  • Using Aardvark at work? You might need assistance from your administrator in certain cases. If your account is managed and you are having problems with it, ask your administrator for help.
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