Selecting player's bets

Before selecting player's bets we highly recommend getting familiar with the games that your Betting shop will offer. Here is a full list of currently released Aardvark Games.

Information about games is ideal whenever you have direct contact with your Client.

  • You will feel comfortable around players whenever they are describing their bets.
  • It is much easier to select certain bets when you are familiar with the interface.
  • You will be able to assist any Client that has any doubts around Games offered.

Without starting your shift you won't be able to access all games available in your Betting Shop. When you start your shift you will be able to view all games at hand. Learn how to start your shift.

  1. Sign in to your Cashier account.
  2. Start your shift.
  • Learn what the Client wants.
  • Assist Client if necessary. Feel free to give advice for their bet choices.
  • Open the game to start selecting player's bets. If Player wants to bet on multiple games, you will have to navigate through each of them separately.

Aardvark Cashier Application contains well-designed games so selecting bets is quite a straightforward procedure. Each game has a unique yet simple-to-use interface. As a standard, in Aardvark, you can select each bet by clicking on that bet's button.

Learn more about different Aardvark Games.

  • Click on the layout buttons in order to place certain bets.
  • Be mindful about the possible bet combinations.
  • Double check with Player whether the selected bets are Player's choices.

Below you will find an example on how to select bets in one of the Aardvark game's — Dogs. Learn more about other games in Aardvark.

  • Player wants to bet on Quinella. The player doesn't specify the stake size at this point.
  • Offer other possibilities of the Game. For example, to bet on other options or encourage staking options.
  • Remind Player about Stake size limitations, if necessary.
  • Learn whether Player wants to bet on the current event or any other future events.
  1. Move the mouse cursor to select 2 Dogs for the Quinella bet. Confirm this information with the Player.
  2. On the game's interface layout, select First & Second Dog.
  3. Quinella button will now highlight, click on it.
  4. You will see Quinella bet now added to the Betting Slip.

Note: You can use Instant Staking feature integrated with all Aardvark games. Learn more about Staking.

  • Use Keyboard shortcuts to select bets quicker. Learn more keyboard shortcuts.
  • Next big step in completing the Betting Slip is adding stake to selected Bets. Learn more about Staking.
  • Unsure how to print the Betting Slip? Continue to Printing Slip article.

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