Print the Slip

The final step in Betting Slip printing procedure is actual Slip revision and printing. Brief revision of the slip before printing it can help you to avoid any potential risks. These may be related to miscommunication with the client or simple misclick. We do highly recommend for you to give an extra few seconds to quickly review the Slip in order to check for any discrepancies. Finally, if you are sure about the Slip, print it.

Be mindful about any potential printer issues. By default, you are unable to start working until your printer is all set up and running. However, if your printer suddenly stopped working, immediately ask for Shop manager's assistance as otherwise, you won't be able to carry out your duties.

Learn more about common printer issues and how to troubleshoot them.

Brief Slip review before printing it may save you a lot of precious time. Be mindful about your customer and its requests. We separate Slip printing errors into two main groups:

  • Warning notifications. They will be present on the Slip and will allow you to continue printing the Slip. For example, exceeded maximum winnings notification. This means that if betting slip wins the maximum possible winnings it will exceed the limits set up in the Shop. You need to inform your customer about this kind of notifications as you will be able to proceed to print the Slip.
  • Critical errors. You will notice them immediately on the Slip since you won't be able to print it. For example, inactive bet entries on the Slip. This may happen when your bet entry selections for one of the games are no longer valid since that game already proceded before you were actually able to print it. Such a critical error will prevent you from printing the Slip.

To carry out Slip review:

  1. Provide bet selections & stake.
  2. Check whether Print Slip button is active.
  3. Look for warning notifications and inform Customer about them.
  4. Proceed to print the Slip.

Learn more about Warning notifications & Critical errors that appear before printing the Slip.

After Slip's review, to print the Slip:

  1. Click on Print button.
  2. Check the physical Slip and provide it to the customer.

If printing is unsuccessful, a pop-up will appear explaining that you need to keep trying to print the Slip. Before that:

  • Check your network connectivity. If necessary, take these simple actions to troubleshoot your network, otherwise, contact your shop manager.
  • Examine if your printer is active and it can successfully print Slips. Learn more about troubleshooting common printer issues.
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