Prematch Betting Features

Aardvark Technologies offers a comprehensive prematch betting product with a variety of features that help customers have a richer and more engaging experience. Currently, we offer Early Payout, Multibet Bonus, Grid Mode, and Fixture Generation features.

Browse betting mode is the default betting mode in the Aardvark cashier system. The process of creating a ticket is simple and straightforward - the cashier has to simply select the desired betting market in each of the matches, enter the betting amount and print the ticket in the end.

To make cashier daily operations easier, simpler, and faster, a grid betting mode was introduced. That way, cashiers can concentrate on entering bets without the need to use a mouse or deal with several betting windows. All that is needed is an event code and a bet code which are separated by a dash.

Aardvark has a separate customer screen that is accessible by clicking a dedicated button near the printer status indicator. This is a great way for a customer to track his or her bet, i.e. the odds, selections, and other bet parameters. Customer screen includes:

  • Event code and bet code
  • Event start time, or time remaining until the start of the event
  • Sporting event or product name
  • Betting market
  • Betting selection or representation of the selection
  • Individual odds change (if applicable)
  • Individual odds
  • Stake and total win
  • Multibet bonus (if applicable)
  • Total Odds and odds change (if applicable)

For customers to take advantage of the opportunity to win, we have created an Early Payout feature. It offers a possibility to pay out a ticket before all matches are over.

The required components for a successful early payout are the following:

  • The ticket has to be a multi-bet, i.e. to have more than 1 bet in it.
  • At least one of the matches in the ticket has to be over, i.e. the match has to be resulted.

Additionally, there might be a minimum odds requirement, although its use is based on the company and is not mandatory. If applied, all ticket's legs must have minimum required odds to make an early payout. For example, if the minimum odds requirement is 1.5 and at least one betting selection's odds in the ticket are less than 1.5, e.g. 1.4, a customer will not be able to pay that particular ticket out.

Companies can also apply a penalty for early payouts, e.g. deduct 5% of total winnings from the ticket if only 1 leg is resulted. Additionally, a deduction will be applied if the odds of the remaining bet(-s) rise. For example, if there is one unresolved bet remaining in the ticket with the odds of 1.8 and its odds rise to 2.2, a penalty will be applied for the early payout, and the customer will receive less money than it was originally supposed to. Odds deduction is automatic, while company deduction can either be applied on top of the odds deduction or not.

To encourage betting, a multibet bonus was introduced where a particular bonus amount of money is added to the winning amount if a multibet is being made.

Multibet is any ticket with more than 1 bet whose odds are multiplied to form a single ticket. UK punters are more familiar with the term accumulator and American bettors use parlay.

Companies can choose what amount of bonus money to apply. Additionally, only certain games with certain odds thresholds can participate in this promotion. For example, a company can choose that only prematch sports and live betting participate in multibet bonus and only selections whose odds are 1.5 or more count towards the bonus.

An example of a multibet bonus payout table can be seen below.

For retail betting purposes, cashiers and administrators can generate a fixture (brochure) via Aardvark Technologies cashier application. It allows people in betting shops to access the betting offer quicker without the need for a separate computer.

Users can select various aspects of the brochure they want to generate, such as page layout, sports, individual events and markets, and sorting. Either default or individual markets can be selected in Advanced options to include in the brochure. Additionally, there are two fixture templates to choose from - default (regular decimal odds), and fractional odds.

Companies can also make a list of priority/top leagues in order of importance, that way the brochure's events (when chosen to sort by tournament) will be sorted according to the list.

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