Please be informed that this article skips signing in steps as well as considers that the person reading this is familiar with Cashier's application interface.

Before moving on, please learn more about the printed Betting Slip structure.

There are two core steps in paying out the Betting Slip:

  1. Checking Slip
  2. (if required) Providing payout code
  3. Paying out the prize or refund
  1. Connected account
  2. (optional) Barcode scanner
  3. Printer
  4. Network connection

Betting Slip can be checked by providing Slip ID in the Payout betting slip tab or by using betting slip ID hyperlink in the My Shift Cash operations tab (if applicable)

  1. Check Slip Details
    1. Provide Slip ID
      1. Use barcode scanner
      2. or enter slip ID with the keyboard in the text box provided in the Payout betting slip tab
    2. or click on the Betting Slip ID hyperlink given in the My Shift Cash operations tab (if applicable)
  2. Click Check Slip (skip if used hyperlink or scanner)
  3. (if required) scan barcode or enter by typing with keyboard the Payout code printed on the Slip
  4. Click Payout button at the bottom of the Betting Slip Window
  5. Click Yes in the follow-up question

Slips can be revoked only if the bet entries of the games provided in the Betting Slip are still active and the betting time has not closed for the games which entries are on the betting slip. If at least one game event closed betting time, the entire Slip will not be revoked.

  1. Check Slip Details as described in Paying out Slip instructions
  2. Click Revoke button
  3. Click Yes in the follow up question

Use reuse bets feature to reuse the exact same bet entries as used in the Slip

  1. Check Slip Details as described in Paying out Slip instructions
  2. Click Reuse bets button
  3. You will be moved to Create New Betting Slip tab
  4. Check if there are no crossed out bet entries (detailed more in Create New Betting Slip tab)
  5. Add stake
  6. Print the Betting Slip
  7. Click Confirm in the pop-up

If the printer is inactive, you will face an error which will not allow you to continue your work until the Slip is printed successfully. Facing issues with Printing Slip? Check Troubleshooting Printer

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