Keno is a fixed-odds betting game where there are 20 balls drawn from a chamber of 80 in each event. Each draw is randomly generated (RNG).

We offer a unique two-bet betting system for Keno. A customer can select up to 10 numbers for an individual draw and be compensated even if one doesn't get all the numbers right. Let's use a following sample table of payouts.

The table shows the unique model each organisation can create. Bettors can be compensated for correctly choosing 2 numbers out of 3, or even 5 out of 10. In this particular case, an organisation can even encourage players to make bets of larger proportion by returning back their stake for choosing more than 7 numbers.

Cashiers can duplicate bets that are already on a slip in their cashier application for future draws. That is, if a customer makes a bet on 10 and 12 to be drawn in draw #100, a cashier can duplicate the selection for it to also apply for draws #101 and #102. In this case, the customer would make a bet for 10 and 12 to be drawn in draws #100, #101 and #102.

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