Different Games in Aardvark

In Aardvark Cashier System, you are able to access different Aardvark Games that are sometimes referred to as products. When you start your shift, you are able to see all the different games that you can offer to your customers. As a cashier, it is very important for you to understand the game differences.

Games have different settings, game rules as well as interface. This is important to note as you will be approached by the customers that may ask you certain questions about games you are offering.

Note: at the moment Aardvark has around 7 games (products) for different organizations. You may be able to access only some of them. If some of the games listed and mentioned in this or any other article does not seem familiar, don't worry, as your organization probably does not use it. However, if you know that a certain game is missing from your account, inform your administrator.

If you want to add a new game to your account, contact your administrator.

Please follow links below to separate articles for each different game. All of them can be offered via Aardvark system.

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