Use Customer Screen

The Customer Screen feature in Aardvark lets you display your actions while you are building-up a Betting Slip.

Note: For this feature to be effective you will need two screens. One for yourself to work on, while the other for your Customer to view. Visit Aardvark Techstop to learn more about which equipment Aardvark Team recommends for your workstation.

Customer Screen opens as a new tab in any browser. Follow steps below to use Customer Screen feature:

  1. When you have two display screens set-up at your workstation, click [Customer Screen icon]. A new tab will open and it will display all actions while you build-up a Betting Slip.
  2. Drag and drop the Customer Screen tab on the second screen.
  3. Open it in Fullscreen mode for better and clearer visibility.
  • Press F11 or Fn + F11 to enter/exit Fullscreen mode, or
  • At the top right click More [settings icon] > [Fullscreen Mode icon]
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