Significant Events

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Significant Events is an administrator specific feature which allows to view specific actions done by other participants in the organisation.

There are three types of Significant Event Reports:

  • Authentications
  • User Actions
  • System Actions

Each of them have specific Filtering Options. Administrator can filter the Significant Event data by:

Date - allows administrator select a specific date period for data to be filtered by

Market - allows administrator to drill down the data into organisation, group or shop

User (User Actions) - allows to select a user to filer by

Resource (User Actions) - allows administrator to filter by location where an operation happened (read more in definitions)

Operation (User Actions) - allows administrator to filter data by operation types (read more in definitions)

Action (System Actions) - allows administrator to filter data by specific actions (read more in definitions)

After selecting specific filters, administrator must click on button Generate, in order to receive the Report.

Name Definition
ID Unique Reference Number
User A Specific User (Display Name)
Time Stamp Action execution time
Name Definition
IP Address Internet Protocol Address of the User
Origin Origin of Authentication
Form Login/Logout
float-op Float Operation
Success Whether the Action was successful (True) or not (False)
Expires At Expiration time of the Token
Token An authorisation to execute actions
Name Definition
Resource Object name of modification (e.g. Admin, Cashier, Shop so on.)
Operation What kind of Operation was executed
Organisation On which Organisation (name) the operation was executed
Comment Comment added by User, when User executed an Operation
Name Definition
Action System Action Key name

Each Report has its own specific Columns. These columns can be selected/deselected in order to include them in Exported Report.

By Clicking on Export Data Administrator can export selected data (columns) in .csv file format.

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