Introduction | Read more to learn what type of application Aardvark betting software is, what are the requirements for it to work, how to get an account and sign in, as well as what are the main components of the interface.

Top menu bar | Read more about Aardvark's top menu bar. Learn how to change email and password; switch between organizations, use time zone, and currency preview features. Find out more details about your account and other features.

Bet vs Slip | Read more to learn about similarities and differences of bets and slips in Aardvark betting system.

Management | Read about core functions of each administrator. How to manage organization/s, cashiers, tills and so on. Master managing an organization as an administrator.

Jackpots | Read more to learn about Jackpots (Promotions). Customize and apply them per different Game, Shop or Organization.

Cashiers | Read more about cashiers and their functions. Understand how to create and manage cashier users within the organization.

Games | Read more to learn how an administrator can manage games in his/her organization. Note that this feature can be accessed only by administrators who have permissions to change game settings.

Float Operations | Read more to learn about Float operations. What is the purpose of them? Enabling/Disabling and using them in practice.

High and Critical Till Balance | Read more about managing high and critical balance in your organisation as well as the steps of action using them

Betting Limits Configuration | Read more about the ways the organisations can set betting limits and manage players' winnings

Slips | Read more about Slips data in the Aardvarks Administrator's interface. Learn how to manage and generate Slips data Reports.

Shifts | Read more about Shifts and their data in the Aardvarks Administrator's interface. Learn how to manage and generate Shifts data Reports.

Cash Operations | Read more about Cash Operations. Learn how to manage data regarding Cash operations and how to generate Cash Ops data Reports.

Slips Report vs. Shifts Report vs. Cash Ops Report | Read more about the different between the three types of reports.

Significant Events | Read more about Significant Events and their importance in the Administrator's functions for Aardvark betting system. Learn how to generate Significant events data Reports.

Game Events | Read more to understand game events data. Learn how to manage game events information and how to generate and export reports with game events.

Bets Report | Read more about bets report and their significance for bookmakers. Learn how to master generating and exporting bets data reports.

Till Balance Confirmation | Read more about a till balance confirmation feature and how it helps control actual shifts

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