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Shifts is a part of Aardvark Reports system. Here an administrator can generate a Report regarding Shifts information.

Administrator must click on Generate button on the left in order to retrieve the Report.

There are two available Reports in the Shifts: Detailed & Summary.

After clicking Generate, administrator can select/deselect which of the data columns to show/hide in the Report.

In addition, administrator can also Export the report in .csv type of format.

Note, Exported Report won't include the data which was hidden by an administrator.

Administrator can filter Data by:


  • By clicking on the Calendar and choosing specific date from-to
  • By clicking on radio button with specified date: "Today" "Yesterday" "This week" etc.
  • Admin can also type-in specified time

Shifts Range

  • By specifying Shift ID From-to


  • By clicking on "Location" button and selecting specific Organisation branch (group, shop)
  • Administrator will only see branches of organisation(s) that he/she has permissions to view

Till (Hidden until Shop is selected in the Location)

  • By selecting a Till from where a specific Cashier was working on


  • By choosing a specific Cashier from the drop-down list


  • Allows administrator to view data by specified amount (default - 1000)

In Slips, Administrator can switch between Summary and Detailed Reports.

Administrator can also hide/show by ticking/unticking specific columns Administrator doesn't need.

To better understand the Report and the Data in it, please familiarise with each data element in the table provided below.

Column name Description
Name Name of the Organisation (Bold) and Shops; this element cannot be excluded
Shift Count Amount of Shifts that was created in the Selected Date Range
Currency Currency Used for the Specific Shift
First Shift Start Time & Date when the First Shift Started
Last Shift Start Time & Date when the Last Shift Started
Paid In Total Amount Paid In on the Shift
Paid Out Total Amount Paid Out on the Shift
Balance Balance is Total of, Paid In excluding Paid Out

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