Administrator Roles and Permissions

The Aardvark administrator interface has numerous administrative roles that allow customizing each administrator's experience using the system. There are numerous customization options to offer organizations and their employees segmented access to the system according to their position in the company.

There are currently 14 administrator roles and 37 customizable permissions for administrators.

The following administrator roles are currently present in the Aardvark Technologies administrator interface.

Organisational Role Description
Organization Admin The user can manage all basic retail functions of an organization, including managing shops, their groups and their settings, monitoring and editing all organization's users and their shifts.
Shop Admin The user can only create cashiers, manage their shifts, and create betting shop tills.
Shift Manager The user can only manage cashiers' shifts in an organization.
VIEW ONLY The user can only view the organization's retail figures and current configuration.
Reports The user can only view all reports, both retail and online.
Bookmaker Support The user can create and manage cashiers and their shifts, create betting shop tills, revoke and expire retail slips while also being able to view and edit online users.
Online Super Admin The user can manage all online users and all their options, except managing the real balance, additionally, the user can manage the content on the website and edit the website's games.
Online Admin The user can view online users and manage the content on the website.
Online Money Manager The user can only view online users and manage their real balance.
Online User Management The user can edit online users, change their verification status, and create punters from scratch.
Online Promo Management The user can only view online users and manager their promo balance, while also being able to create bonus wallets.
Online Reports The user can only view the online website and its reports and has no editing permissions.
Admin & Cashier Manager This user can only manage administrator and cashier accounts.

Aardvark Technologies administrator users can have the following permission in the system:

Permission Description
Create New Organizations adds the 'Org Tree' tab, allows users to create and view organizations
Create Group does nothing by itself, has to be paired with the 'Create New Shop' option in order to work; allows users to create a shop group in the Management interface
Create New Shop adds 'Create new node' button in the Management interface, allows to create new shops in the organization; allows to select that you want to create a group but doesn't allow creating it
Delete Group does nothing by itself, the 'Update Groups' option has to be enabled in order to use the function; allows users to delete shop groups in the Management interface
Edit Website Users does nothing by itself without the 'View Website Users' option enabled; adds 'Edit User' option and allows to reset users' passwords
Expire Slips allows users to change the slip's state to expired, i.e. perform the 'Force Loser' action
Force Revoke Bet Entries allows users to revoke a single bet line in retail slips
Force Revoke Slips allows revoking retail tickets that have already gained a status
Manage Admin Accounts can create, edit, and delete admins with all functionalities
Manage Cashier Accounts can create cashiers with all functionalities, but cannot edit those of ones that are already created (in Edit Cashier), can only change password, name, email (Edit User), etc (edit user)
Manage Access to Games allows users to add or delete games from organizations
Manage Jackpots does nothing by itself, only works with 'View Jackpots' enabled; allows to create new and edit existing jackpots and their settings
Create POS allows creating tills in betting shops
Update Organization Settings does nothing by itself (Org Tree doesn't appear in the menu), 'Create New Organisations' has to be enabled for the user to change organizational settings; if 'Shop Read-Only' is enabled, allows to change organizational settings from the Management interface
Manage Email Subscriptions adds 'Email Reports' tab in the Management interface which allows users to subscribe to various newsletters that send customized reports via email
Risk Management adds 'Risk Management' module in the menu
Manage Shifts allows users to change shift's lock status (lock and unlock shifts), confirm and close shifts
Update Shop Settings allows users to change shop settings in the Management interface
Manage Shop Version does nothing by itself, 'Update Shot Settings' needs to be enabled for this option to function
Manage Website does nothing by itself without 'View Organisation Online-Website' enabled; allows to edit website settings, messages to players, change risk management options
Manage Website CMS adds 'Banners' and 'CMS' tab in online betting interface, allows to create new entries and edit their settings
Manage Website Games allows users to edit website games' settings
Manage Website Cash Balance allows managing website users' real balance, i.e. adding and removing money from the account; also, allows setting wallet deposit limits for each user
Manage Website Promo Balance allows managing website users' promo balance, i.e. adding and removing promo money from the account; also, allows users to create bonus wallets for users and suspend/delete them
Manage Website Slips does nothing by itself without 'Manage Website' enabled; allows users to change slips' statuses (revoke, re-resolve, etc. according to permissions)
Manage Website Users and Their Actions without 'View Website Users' enabled, only additionally allows to create a punter; with it, adds the 'Edit User' option and allows users to edit user's information, allows to remove users' tags and change their verification status
Move Organization, Group, or Shop adds an additional button in the Management interface that allows users to move betting shops and their groups within the organization
Re-Resolve Slips allows users to re-resolve retail slips
Restore Slips allows restoring retail slips to their previous status if revoked by mistake
Revoke Slips allows revoking slips, both retail and online; allows to revoke all online tickets, but only confirmed slips in retail
Update Groups allows users to edit shop groups' names; shows 'Delete group' option but doesn't allow to use it
View Jackpots adds 'Jackpots' tab and allows to view all current and past jackpots and their settings
View Logs adds 'Sign. Events' tab which allows users to view other users' actions in the administrator interface
View Payout Codes shows the payout code of retail betting slips
Shop Read-Only basically, a do-it-all; without it, you cannot see slips, bet legs report, shifts, cash ops, float ops, game events, tax report, bets report, risk report, games, and management modules
View Organization Online-Website adds 'Online Betting' tab; users can view settings, games, and their configuration, but cannot change them; has access to 'Punter' tab, but cannot create one; has access to 'Risk Management' tab, can enter values and save them, but they actually are not saved; allows to view Jackpot settings, but doesn't allow to change them; adds access to view online reports, including the ability to view slips
View Website Users adds 'Users' tab in the 'Online Betting' interface, allows to view existing online users; if 'View Organisation Online-Website' is not enabled, adds 'Online Betting' to the
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