Organisation Setup

Correct organisational setup is essential in successfully working on the Aardvark platform. There are numerous steps in setting up an organisation, this article is devoted to covering them.

The first thing needed in setting up an organisation is choosing whether any taxes will be applied due to the present regulations by a governing body in the country the organisation operates in. There are two types of tax options available - taxes on punters winnings and taxes on organisational profit/loss. If there are no additional taxes required, you can choose the option to disable this setting.

Secondly, the organisation needs to determine the shift expiration time. A good practice is to measure the longest time a shift can last in your organisation, and add some time for starting and ending it.

Thirdly, you can select your basic slip settings - currency, locale, expiration time (in days) and extra text which is printed on the slips. Additionally, you can choose to enable or disable the same shop payout setting (whether tickets can be paid out in any shop, or only in the shop where they were staked) according to the way your organisation operates.

There are more settings available for organisations to use.

Setting Explanation
Odds format There are four options to choose from - decimal, fractional, American and Hong Kong odds format.
Logo Organisations can upload their logo that will appear on admin and cashier interfaces as well as on slips. Maximum width of a logo is 560px. Supported types - .jpg and .png. Black and white backgrounds are recommended for cleaner slips. Recommended minimum logo size - 190x100px.
Betting Slip Extra Text You can include additional information on bettings slips, such as betting limits, payout information, organisation contacts, or any other information you deem important.
Customer Screen Info Additional information can be included on customer screens, as well. It may include betting limits, payout information, organisation contacts, or any other information you deem important.
Slip template Currently, there are two slip templates to choose from - basic Aardvark template, and a South African template. Aardvark is a general template that includes all basic slip information while restricting space and saving printing paper. South African template includes more information about the selections, there is more formatting involved, which, as a result, is more costly paper-wise.
Client verification threshold Depending on the regulations an organisation operates under, customers can be registered after reaching a certain win amount on the ticket. For example, if you set this option to 5000, each customer of every winning ticket above this mark will have to be registered, otherwise, the cashier will not be able to pay the ticket out.
Login Attempts Limit Organisations can limit the number of times a cashier or an admin can incorrectly provide credentials while logging in. After reaching the designated amount, the account will become disabled, and its password will have to be reset in order to continue working.
Cashier Float Operations Organisations can choose whether float operations can be performed from cashier's interface. You can read more about float operations here.
Hide Till Balance In order to better control cashiers' till balance after a shift is ended, organisations can limit whether cashiers see their shift till balance or not. If you want to use this function, there are two options to choose from - you can either hide everything or the header only. More information about till balance confirmation can be found here.

There are two ways of organising your betting sites - first, creating shops, and then, if needed, forming groups. For example, if your organisation operates in a country whose regions have different laws and regulations, you can group your shops to match the regions and/or different regulative norms.

If needed, a child organisation can be created if there are any entities that are managed or operate under your organisation. It will have its own settings and limits, but it will be under the main organisation in the organisation tree.

Multiple games can be assigned to an organisation. These are the games currently available on our platform:

In order to properly set up the games, correct betting limits and their configuration must be chosen. You can find more information about the betting limits setup here.

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