Creating content

This is an article on how to create specific content for CMS. All pages and links can be updated or removed by clicking on them on Page Structure. While category can be updated or removed with icon next to category name.

All the link goes to Links category.

  • Enter title - this will be shown when added to sub-header or footer columns.
  • Enter path - this is a path, where you want to be redirected. Note that when you are creating internal link you don't need to copy all path. You can copy only part starting with /app.
  • (Optional) If you need a link opened in separate tab - check checkmark next to External.
  • Click Save if creating new or Update if updating.

Categories are made for grouping with one exception - menu layout.

  • Creating
    • Click plus icon at the bottom of Page Structure list.
    • Enter desired name.
    • Click check icon or enter to create new group.

  • Updating
    • Click pencil icon next to category you want to edit.
    • Change name as desired.
    • Click check icon or enter to update category name.

  • Deleting
    • Click trash icon next to category you want to delete.
    • Write comment on why this was deleted and press Yes button.

NOTE: category needs to be empty to removed.

Categories that have !M! in their has different layout in web-ui:

  • Category name is used as main title.
  • Side menu with pages is shown.
  • Parent pages has child pages listed below its content.

NOTE: Only two levels of pages (parent and child) will be shown on website.

CMS page is simple text and images content that can be shown on website. Any page must have parent or category, its link and name. When page has selected parent page, that page becomes child of selected page. This can be done indefinitely, but only two levels will be displayed for menu layout.

To create a page select Create a page at the top of page, to edit existing one - select it on Page Structure.

Filling page data:

  • Select category or Parent page - this will define where page will be saved.
    • If category is selected - this page will be created on top level of category. This page will have no parent.
    • If parent page is selected (A), current page will be created as a child (child of A).
  • Enter page title - this will be shown when added to sub-header or footer columns.
  • Enter path - this is what will be shown in URL when navigating to this page. For better experience when selecting parent page its path will be suggested as a start to current page. This way paths stays clean and understandable (E.g. /faq/payments faq being parents path and payments being child). NOTE: path must be unique to whole website CMS.
  • Enter page content using provided styling or using html editor (<> button).
  • Save or update content.
  • (Optional) If SEO data is needed - check SEO checkmark at the top of page creation. This will give more inputs to fill SEO data.

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