Please be informed that some of the features may be prohibited to access your account if you do not have enough permissions to access them.

Management Tab contains all the important features required for the manager to maintain his/her organization. Side menu with Organization tree and seven (7) unique tabs with the main window, that are accessible on the Management tab. They have some exclusive features and some not.

We created Management tab for the administrators, so they could maintain their system on one spot, without the need to switch to different tabs. That is why some features you will find may seem repetitive from the tabs in the Top menu, as they were just reimplemented to be in the same location with other features in the Management tab.

Side Panel is used to arrange your Organization in three hierarchic branches: Organization, Group, and Shop. It is important to understand their similarities and differences because each of them contains exclusive or shared features.

Organization - highest branch in the system. Its settings are default and shared throughout other two branches, but administrator can set some settings unique for the lower branches ignoring

  • visible only in edit mode Display Name
  • Currency
  • Minimum Stake
  • Maximum Stake
  • Tax Type
  • Shift expiration time
  • Slip locale
  • Time Zone
  • Betting Slip expiration (days)
  • Betting Slip extra text
  • Logo
  • Customer screen info
  • Date Format
  • Login Attempts Limit
  • Payout Confirmation Modal
  • Payout Receipt Printing
  • Payout Codes
  • Cashier Float Operations
  • Negative Balance
  • Organisation Status
  • Same shop payout only
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