Aardvark Jackpots are designed with diverse components that aim to individualize each Jackpot separately. This is extremely useful whenever an administrator wishes to set-up a custom Jackpot for various situations.

When launching a new Jackpot, an administrator can make it distinctive by providing information about the Start Amount, Minimum and Maximum Drop size, Participation time and Expiration time of the Jackpot's Winner Slip. Furthermore, an administrator can apply the Jackpot to the Organization or Shop with some additional Rules, such as minimum bets and minimum stake. This is great for encouraging Punters to bet on multiple bets. Open Jackpots screen by selecting Jackpots in the upper menu

Information data fields in the Jackpots table:

  • Display name is the name of the Jackpot
  • Owner is the Jackpot's owner i.e. Organization
  • Current instance is currently ongoing Jackpot's unique ID
  • Drop max is the maximum size of the Jackpot to drop
  • Drop min is the minimum size of the Jackpot to drop. NB: cannot be less than Start amount
  • Start amount is the amount for the next Jackpot to fill up before the current one can drop
  • Winner expiration (hours) is the time when the Winner of the Jackpot must claim the prize
  • Participation expiration (minutes) is the time to delay Jackpot drop to include more tickets
  • Disabled/Enabled displays whether the Jackpot is disabled or enabled

To create a New Jackpot

  1. Go to Jackpots
  2. Click Create New Jackpot
  3. Provide all the information required
    1. Jackpot name means Displayed Jackpot name
    2. Start amount means the amount for the next Jackpot required before the current one can drop (i.e. someone wins the Jackpot)
    3. Drop min means the minimum amount to drop in the Jackpot. Must be no less than Start amount
    4. Drop max means the maximum amount to drop in the Jackpot
    5. Winner Expiration (in hours) means the time for the Jackpot's Winner Slip expiration. After expiration time ends, winner cannot claim the Jackpot
    6. Participation Expiration (in minutes) means the time to delay Jackpot to drop to include more losing tickets into participation
  4. (optional) choose if you wish to Jackpot drop instantly after the game (i.e. disable participation expiration)
  5. Click Submit

To make Jackpot per Organization or Shop, per different Game and/or apply other customizations, an administrator must add Rules.

To create a new rule

  1. Click > to expand Jackpot details
  2. Click + to add new Rule
  3. Fill up the Jackpot rule with required information
    1. Game (select a Game to apply the Jackpot)
    2. Shop (select a Shop or leave blank to apply the Jackpot on a specific shop or on all organization)
    3. Min bets (minimum bets (i.e. bet legs) for player to bet to participate in the Jackpot)
    4. Minimum price (minimum price for player to bet to participate in the Jackpot)
    5. Margin % (percentage of the revenue going to the Jackpot)
  4. Click Submit

To edit or delete jackpot rules

  1. Expand the Jackpot
  2. Click Edit/Delete
    1. Edit all the fields respectively
    2. Click Submit
  3. Click Yes in the follow up question

In Jackpot's history, an administrator can view more information about each Jackpot and its winner Slip. To check specific Jackpot's history

  1. Open Jackpots
  2. Decide which Jackpot's history admin wants to check
  3. Click Current Instance hyperlink for the given Jackpot's history
    1. Click Winner Slip hyperlink to learn more about the Winner Slip
  4. To get back to Jackpots list, click Jackpots
Q: How player participates in the Jackpot?
A: For the player to participate in the Jackpot, first the player must bet on a game and the betting slip MUST LOSE. Only the 'loser' type of slip/s can participate in the Jackpot. Furthermore, for the player to participate in the Jackpot, the player must comply with that given Jackpot's rules. These rules usually are different and unique per Jackpot. For example, player's stake must be minimum of 3 EUR or the player must bet on at least 2 bets in order to participate in the Jackpot
Q: Jackpot is full, yet, no winners of the Jackpot, why?
A: The first and most common reason is that there are NO Participants in the Jackpot draw. That is, Slips don't comply with the Jackpot's participation rules. These rules may be different per each Jackpot. Exceptionally, there is a possibility that all betting slips were winners and the jackpot can't drop until there are no losing Slips.
Q: Why I cannot delete Jackpot?
A: It is impossible to remove Jackpots in Aardvark since they contain sensitive financial data which must be accumulated. However, an administrator can disable Jackpot through that Jackpot's settings.
  • An amount is randomly selected between Drop min and Drop max for the current Jackpot to reach, before it drops.
  • When Start amount is set to be more than 0, a hidden Jackpot is created, alongside a current Jackpot, to collect the specified amount, so the next Jackpot starts with Start amount or more.
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