Aardvark Betting Software is a comprehensive Betting management system. Aardvark's purpose is to ease-up bookmakers working experience. The software comprises of two applications: for administrators (headquarters - HQ) and for the cashiers working in the betting shops. Aardvark betting system is certified by trusted gaming laboratory BMM Testlabs. The system is certified and complies with GLI (Gaming Laboratories International) Standard 19 and 21, SANS (South African National Standard) and EU (European Union) legislative framework (Lithuanian gaming law).

Administration application is for administrators who are responsible for the performance or management of administrative business operations, which may include, managing users, shops, creating cashier accounts, tills and so on.

This documentation targets future or current administrators, that are using Aardvark Betting Software. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact our support team via Skype - SBI_support

You must meet certain minimum requirements before you can use administrator application with your desktop or mobile computer (e.g. tablet, smartphone, notebook, laptop).

To use administrator app, you'll need:

  • Internet access
  • A web browser
  • An account

Our app is designed in such way, that it's impossible for it to properly function without any internet connection. Main reason for that is - security. Since all transactions carried out with our system are financial operations, we wanted to secure them by disabling any activity on both applications (cashier and administrator) if a network connection isn't established.

Furthermore, Aardvark Betting Software is a client-server application that runs in a web browser. Aardvark is not your traditional software, which you need to download and install, it is essentially a website that works in any web browser. Still, we recommend using our application in a freeware web browser Google Chrome. Our updates are released first for Chrome users and our application works more stable in this web browser.

The final requirement is an account so you will be able to access our application. The first account is always provided from our support team, which is responsible for setting up your organization and first administrator account. Support can be contacted via Skype SBI_support. Later, administrator himself can create accounts for future users in his organization/s.

After meeting all requirements, you can now access your administrator application with provided credentials. To successfully sign in, you will need to provide a username and a password.

Only sign in to Aardvark from trusted devices. To keep your data safe, we recommend you don't sign in if you're on a public computer or using a public network.

When you have an account, follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. Choose application type: Admin or Cashier

3. Sign in with your Aardvark Account

Note: system does take into account capitalized letters. After 3 unsuccessful tries to sign in, your account might be blocked. If you are facing issues connecting to your account, please contact our Support team via Skype SBI_support.

Aardvark's betting system interface comprises of noticeable components. Main parts are pointed out in the screenshot below.

  • A top menu bar in administrator's interface is a control element which contains several drop-down lists. These lists consists of specific features which are described in Top menu bar article.
  • Place for a company logo is considered part of the top menu bar. Company logo can be changed through administrator's management tab.
  • In Aardvark interface, the ribbon is the main toolbar with a set of tabs that can be accessed by a user. The set of tabs may vary depending on the organization and administrator settings. Each tab in the ribbon represents a specific function with a significant amount of features. That's why each tab gets covered on different wiki pages.
  • Error and/or notification area presents all notifications and errors that happen throughout the system while using it.
  • Footer informs of the current year and version of the betting system.

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