High and Critical Till Balance

High and critical till balance is a feature set in Aardvark betting system's administrator interface created to better control cash flow in cashiers' shifts and manage them in a more controlled way.

High Balance

High balance alerts the administrator whenever a certain predetermined value of cash in a till is reached. High balance does not alter the shift's status nor does it stop the cashier from placing bets, it is just a measure to inform the administrator of a certain activity in a shop.

Critical Balance

On the contrary, critical balance locks the cashier's shift entirely when another set value is reached. In such case, depending on principles an organisation operates under, the only way to proceed working is to unlock the shift and float out the money or end the shift that reached critical balance and start a new one.

How to Set High and Critical Balance

First, you have to select Management, then go a specific shop and Toggle edit. Afterwards, you just have to enter the values besides high and critical balances and save the settings.

When critical till balance is reached, there are multiple ways to operate further.

Always, the first thing to do is to unlock the shift. This is performed by first going to Shifts and selecting the desired period of time in which the shifts were started. If needed, you can enter the cashier's name under Cashiers to decrease the number of shifts generated. Afterwards, you will be able to see the shifts that reached high and/or critical balance blinking. Then, proceed to Detailed Report. In order to unlock the shift, you only have to click the lock sign under the Locked column in the shift's row and the shift is now unlocked.

The cashier can place only a single bet after the shift is unlocked, unless a float out operation is performed or the shift is closed.

There are two ways to float out money in Aardvark betting system. First one is using the integrated tool in administrator interface, the second one is using cashier interface.

Float in/out Using Administrator Interface

To float in/out money using the administrator's interface, you have to select the shift individually first. There are two ways of doing that - you can either search for a shift using the integrated shift search on the bottom left corner of the Shifts section or select the shift from shifts list in Detailed report after unlocking the shift. Next, you just have to type in the desired amount of money in the dedicated Add/Remove Float section and click whether the plus or minus button for float ins and float outs respectively.

Float in/out Using Cashier Interface

You can float the money out using the cashier interface, too. There is a dedicated Float operation section in the cashier interface under My Shift. The same principles apply here as using the Administrator interface. You just have to enter the desired amount of money you want to float in/out and click the respective button. Please note that you will need to enter administrator PIN code in order to float money using the cashier interface.

You can read more about the floating operations here.

Q: What if my organisation does not use floats for managing shift money? How do I manage critical balance then?
A: If your organisation does not use float in and float out operations, the only way to proceed when critical balance is reached is to close the shift by selecting the shift individually from Shifts list using the same interface as instructed in Float in/out using Administrator interface section of this document and to start a new shift afterwards. Please note that a shift cannot be closed unless it is unlocked. Furthermore, automatic shift expiration does not work either if the shift is locked.
Q: How do I manage cashiers that can only payout tickets?
A: If you operate using payin-only and payout-only cashiers, the way to proceed here is to unlock the shift after floating in the required amount of money. The cashier can payout tickets without the harm of the shift locking again, because it locks only after placing bets and not after paying them out.
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