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Float Operations in Aardvark is a security feature used by the Bookmakers to control cash flow used by their Cashiers. Float activity is reported in the Shifts Detailed Report.

Float activities are recorded as Float In and Float Out, each of them representing cash flow to the till and from the till respectively.

Float personal identification number or PIN is an extra Float Operations security feature used in the case when Float Operations are disabled and can be conducted only by the Shop managers (administrators) rather than the Cashiers themselves.

Float Operations are all the transactions carried out between Shop managers (HQ) and the cashier's Tills. While Cash operations are all Payout and Payin transactions carried between the Cashier and the Punter. Float Operations assist HQ in controlling and following all the money flow through the Shop and/or Organization, but they are not the same as cash operations.

To understand Float operations one must understand how the Float operations work in the Aardvark's system. Different scenarios to use Float Operations:

  • Administrator enables Cashier Float Operations for a specific Shop and Cashiers themselves are able to carry out Float Operations (i.e. count money and remove/add from/to a till as well as doing rest of the accounting)
  • Administrator disables Cashier Float Operations for a specific Shop and Cashiers must count and bring the money to the Shop manager, who does the accounting and carries out the Float Operations through Administrator's UI (Shift Log)
  • Administrator disables Cashier Float Operations for a specific Shop and sets-up a Float PIN for Shop manager's account, then he can carry out Float Operations through Cashier's interface by Adding or Removing cash float and providing his Float PIN and username to complete accounting tasks (i.e. count the money and independently carry out the Float operations without the need to disturb Cashier's work)

NB: Float Operations can be done only on an active Shift.

For an administrator to use Float Operations he must set-up a Float PIN. This can be done in two ways, depending on the permissions the account has.

The best way to do it is through Top Menu bar My Profile settings menu.

  1. Click the Profile icon and select My Profile from the drop-down list
  2. Click Enable button near the Float PIN
  3. Click Generate once or a few times to auto-generate a random PIN
  4. Finally, click to save your settings

Another way to set up a Float PIN is through separate administrator's settings.

  1. Open Administrators menu in the UI
  2. Find the administrator you wish to edit and click Edit button in the last column of the table
  3. In selected administrator's settings the Float PIN and click auto-generate button once or a few times to auto-generate a random PIN
  4. Click Submit to save new settings

If a Float PIN was changed or provided by another administrator, shop manager will need to check it.

  1. Open My Profile from the drop-down list
  2. Nearby the Float PIN locate your Float PIN

To enable or disable Float operations for the Cashier, the administrator must do this through the Shop settings or Organization settings in the Management tab. Bear in mind that Administrator can always use Float Operations through his interface (Shift Log in the Shifts Detailed Report).

  1. Access Management in the Admin UI
  2. Select a Shop or Organization in the Side Panel
  3. Click Toggle edit in the top-left corner of the Management window
  4. Nearby the Cashier Float Operations click Tick or Untick to Enable or Disable Float operations for the cashier
  5. Click Save, provide comments for the changes you've made in the administrator settings and click Yes once more

As mentioned before, if the Cashier Float Operations for a specific shop is Disabled, then the Float operations must be carried out by an administrator who must come up to the PC used by the cashier and provide his username and Float PIN whenever transacting cash float from or to the till.

If the administrator has no Float PIN, then he must follow the instructions in the Float PIN paragraph and set-up a Float PIN.

If the Cashier Float Operations are enabled for a specific shop, then the Float operations can be carried out by the cashiers without an interference from the administrator.

Finally, to add or remove cash float to the Till as an administrator:

  1. You must come up to the PC used by the cashier or sign in to that cashier's account and enter My Shift tab in the Cashier's UI
  2. Near the Float Operation tab, provide a cash float number which you wish to add or remove
  3. Click Add Float/Remove Float button respectively
  4. In the Shop Manager authentication, provide your username and Float PIN
  5. Lastly, Click Submit

Q: I dislike auto-generated PINs, can I use one of my own?

A: Yes. Even though we highly recommend to use auto-generated PINs, you can also set-up your own PINs instead of clicking auto-generate button. Simply type in your wished PIN in the tab and click button. Please note that PINs must be from at least 4 to a maximum of 64 symbols.

Q: I've disabled the Cashier Float Operations, but the system gives me an error when I try to add the float through the Cashier's interface. What to do?

A: First, try reloading the cashier's account and add the Float then. If the problem persists, please contact our support.

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