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Game Events is a part of Aardvark Reports system. Here an administrator can generate Report regarding Game Events.

By using Filtering Options on the left-side of the screen, administrator can select:

  • Specific from-to date period
  • Shop from where to generate the Report

Administrator must click on Generate button on the left in order to retrieve the Report.

Only Summary Report is available in Game Events.

After clicking Generate, administrator can select/deselect which of the data columns to show/hide in the Report.

In addition, administrator can also Export the report in .csv type of format.

Note, Exported report won't include the data which was hidden by administrator.

Column name Description
Game Name of the Game
Code Event's unique ID
Bet count Amount of Bets (not Slips) that were placed in the Game Event
Event Started The Starting Date & Time of the Event
Betting closed Date & Time when the Event's betting time closed, after this time, cashier cannot accept anymore bets on this Event
Event ended The Ending Date & Time of the Event
State of the Event Specific State of the Event
First Slip Issued Date & Time of the First Slip Issued in the Event
Last Slip Issued Date & Time of the Last Slip Issued in the Event
Name of the Event State Description
In Progress The Event is currently in progress
Finished The Event Resulted and it's finished
Cancelled The Event has been Cancelled

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