Till Lock to Device

Till lock to device is a feature primarily designed to make cashier control and work in betting shops easier. This option's main function is to assign a device to a specific till in order to better monitor cashiers' daily work. For example, if there are 10 PCs in a betting shop, an administrator can assign 10 tills to all these devices, so that whenever a cashier works on PC #4, it will be till #4, and so on.

The only prerequisite of successfully operating under the 'Lock till to device' option is always having our printer application on. Without it, the option cannot function properly.

  • Cashier application must be on prior to starting a shift. It has to remain turned on during the entire day, even when cashier shifts change.
  • When the cashier application is first started on the PC, it generates a UUID number and stores it in the system registry. The number does not change throughout time and is not impacted by any updates.
  • If a cashier logs in and sees no open tills, there are two options - either the previous cashier did not end his/her shift, or the printer application is not started, therefore, the system cannot recognize the device in use.
  • If 9 tills out of 10 are locked to devices and 1 is not, all 9 locked tills will be able to see the one unlocked till.
  • Different cashiers can log in and work on the same PC - they will be able to access the same till. For example, if till #3 is assigned to PC #6, all users working on PC #6 will only be able to work on till #3.
  • The best practice working with this feature is to either lock all tills or do not lock any of the tills.

The 'Lock till to device' function can be enabled from our administrator interface via Management → Shop → Tills → Edit. The best practice of enabling the till lock to device is to lock the till while there is a person working on it at the moment of enabling the function. You just have to click 'No' near Lock till to device? (which afterward turns into a 'yes') and select the shift, whose device you want to associate with that particular till.

The question mark (?) in the drop-down menu indicates that the cashier application was not launched during or before starting the shift.

You can disable the function by clicking on 'Yes' near 'Lock till to device?' just like it was needed to enable the option.

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