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Cashiers page lets administrator to create (add) new cashiers, edit & delete the older ones.

To create a cashier administrator must follow these steps:

1. Open Cashiers page in admin panel.

2. Select a shop from the Organisation tree. Click → Select → Click →

Select Shop, not other Organisation branches.

3. In the bar you'll see your selected shops name. Click on →

4. Fill up the form for the cashier: Display name, User name, Email, Password.

5. Choose extra features: Disabled: this feature allows to disable/enable cashier account. Useful when editing cashier Tick on = disabled.

Strict Printer Control: Disable/Enabling this feature allows/disallows for cashier to 'ignore' not properly working printer. Tick on = Enabled.

Stake mode: sets default stake mode. Stake split or per selection.

6. Click

To edit or delete cashiers account:

1. Find which cashier account you wish to delete or edit.

2. In the last column of cashiers list, select the buttons according to your actions.

or →

3. Then:

if editing, change information, settings and click →

if deleting, confirm your action by clicking Yes.

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