Betting Limits Configuration

Currently, betting limits are divided into three parts - per game, per organisation, and per shop. Additionally, there is a risk manager option for specific organisational needs. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

The game configuration is the first step in the entire hierarchy of limit configuration. It is the base guidelines under which the game in the organisation operates. If no other settings are changed within a shop, this is where the default setting option is configured.

Three configurable options appear in every game's settings - limits per selection, limits per event, and limits per product. Limits per event are only useful for dogs, live greyhounds, lotto, and sports bets as there is no ability to bet on different events, other than the current or the next one, in other games.

Limit per selection covers individual bets withing a particular event, such as a match, lottery, dog race, etc. An administrator can limit the minimum and maximum stake the organisation wants to allow their customer to bet on a single selection. Both Stake (Min) and Stake (Max) cannot be higher than the values in event and/or product.

Limit per event covers covers individual betting events, such as sports matches, lotteries, dog races, etc. Administrators are able to control two parameters here - selections and stake. Minimum and maximum amount of selections per event can be configured, as well as minimum and maximum stake.

Limit per product covers the entire game, i.e. dogs, lotto, sports, roulette, etc. As in limits per event, minimum and maximum amount of selections per product can be configured, as well as minimum and maximum stake. If you set 5€ as a minimum stake here, the customers will still be able to bet smaller amounts on individual selections, but the cumulative amount must reach at least 5€.

There are four configurable options within shop settings:

  • Minimum Stake - minimum amount money a customer can bet on a slip
  • Maximum Stake - maximum amount money a customer can bet on a slip
  • Max win per bet - maximum amount of money a customer can win on one bet (single or multiple)
  • Max win per slip - maximum amount of money a customer can win on a slip

Limits in a game within a shop always trump shop's limits, except when a shop has a maximum stake configured. In that way, it does not matter what settings the shop's game has, it will still adhere to the maximum stake limit set within a shop. If a shop has set a minimum stake and one of its games has a higher minimum stake than the shop itself, the game's limit will be followed.

Shop's limits are also more important than organisation's settings, meaning, even if the organisation has a lower maximum stake than the shop, the shop's figures will be in effect.

There are only basic configurations in organisational settings - minimum and maximum stake. This a default value that will be used in all shops if no settings are altered. As mentioned above, if a shop's setting is changed, it will override the organisational one.

Risk manager is a tool that spans the entire organisation. It allows to control the total stake limit per event, meaning, organisations can control the total amount of money staked on a a sports event, roulette spin, dog race, etc. For example, if the limit is set at 1000€, only 10 tickets of 100€ per stake will be able to be made. After the limit is reached, customers will no longer be able to bet on the event.

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