Bets Report

Bets Report is a part of Aardvark Reports system. Here an administrator can generate a Report regarding Bets information & Taxes.

Administrator must click on Generate button on the left in order to retrieve the Report.

There are three available Reports in the Bets Report: Detailed Bets Report, Summarised Tax Report and Detailed Tax Report.

Detailed Tax Report and Summarised Tax Report are generated per shop basis, so at least one shop must be selected to generate these reports. Both reports are generated selecting slips by it's resolve time, instead of issued time. Summarised Tax Report shows total stakes/payouts/etc grouped by market (which is a game modules name, or "Multi-games" if the bet is placed as a multi-bet for different games and this bet can not be assigned for a specific market).

Detailed Bets Report can be used to generate more detailed reports by applying various filters. In this report whether to filter by issued time or resolved time could be chosen. Furthermore, results can be filtered to only display those that have certain number of selections (bets) in slip. Multibet with certain amount of combinations could also be explored. Additional filtering for states and/or games can be applied either from bet or slip perspective. Returned results can be limited, but this should be used carefully, as this actually limits bet entries count not displayed slip rows. So it is possible to select slips with partial bets/bet entries due to limit.

After clicking Generate, administrator can select/deselect (in detailed reports) which of the data columns to show/hide in the Report.

In addition, administrator can also Export the report in .csv type of format.

Summarised Tax Report can be Exported in .pdf Format.

Note, Exported Report won't include the data which was hidden by an administrator.

Multiple Bets are coloured in yellow.

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