Most important information for the cashiers and administrators are presented in the bets and the slips. Aardvark betting system differs these two elements into different tabs in the Administrator's UI. The reason for that is core differences between a bet and a slip.

A slip - sometimes can be referred as a voucher, a ticket or a receipt. Slip contains information about all bets that are included into the slip. Printed slip holds information of total staked, all odds, maximum potential win (possible win) and other detailed information about customer's (player's) selections.

A bet - is a single selection, made by the customer and printed into the Slip. Slip aggregates all bets and provides all information for the customer in a printed form. Bets can be single, multiple or system.

Note: currently Aardvark doesn't offer system bets.

Single - a single bet, sometimes can be called a simple bet, is a bet with only one selection, e.g. bet on Roulette number 12.

Multiple - is a bet with more than 1 selection, e.g. Roulette number 12 and Keno number 42. But there cannot be more than one selection from the same game.

From examples provided before, a cashier actually could make two single bets: a single Roulette number 12 and a Keno number 42 in one Slip. The difference from two single bets and a multiple bet is that multiple bet will be considered as a lost bet if one of the selections in the multiple bet loses. While two single bets are considered as separate bets, thus if one loses - other can still win.

So what is the point to make a multiple bet instead of two singles? Short answer: odds. The odds multiply in a multiple bet, that's why, if lucky, punter will win more.

System bet - is a bet with more than one permutation or a combination. The main difference of system bet from multiple bet is that the customer can still win even if some selections already lost.

There are four bet states and eight slip states in Aardvark betting system.

Bet states:

  • Active - bet neither a winner or a loser; bet yet to result;
  • Won - bet has resulted - it's a winner;
  • Lost - bet has resulted - it's a loser;
  • Canceled - bet has been canceled;

Slip states:

  • Confirmed - Slip accepted by the cashier - neither a winner or a loser; slip yet to result, potentially able to be revoked;
  • In progress - Slip accepted by the cashier - neither a winner or a loser; slip where some selections may already have resulted and they are winners, but not all - non-revocable Slip;
  • Winner Unpaid - Slip's bet/s has resulted - it's a winner and the customer has not been paid out;
  • Paid Out (Won) - Slip's bet/s has resulted - it's a winner and the customer has been paid out;
  • Loser - Slip's bet/s has resulted - it's a loser;
  • Revoked Unpaid - Slip has been marked as revoked (either by HQ or a cashier) but ticket value (odds x 1.00) has not yet been paid out to the customer;
  • Force loser - forced loser is a special slip state which can only be set by HQ. It makes a ticket into a losing ticket even if it was originally/technically a winning ticket. This state can be effected either via HQ action or by the system itself (e.g. if the ticket has not been paid out within the ticket expiry time);
  • Paid Out (Revoked) - Slip has been revoked and the Slip value has been paid back to the customer.
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