When the event is no longer valid, it can be finalized. For finalizing event all markets have to be resolved. It means that bet states of markets should be winner/loser or cancelled. Steps for finalizing event:

  • Check if all markets of event are resolved, if not - resolve;
  • Click on X button near 'Event Change Log' button;
  • In opened modal 'Finalize event' confirm finalizing by clicking 'Finalize Prematch Event' button.

If event has the replicated event, both events must be resolved in order to finalize it. For example: football event has active markets in 24791 feed and closed markets in 19362 feed. Finalization will be available only when markets will be resolved in 24791 feed. If you finalize event which has replicated event, both events will be finalized and reverse.

Football events can be resolved by clicking button 'Resolve Betting Markets' in event. It automatically change bet states to winner/loser depending on results. After resolving football event by this way it can be easily finalized.

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