If you want to bet on events, it should have markets. Markets are specific type of bet on event. It consist of prediction of result, selections and odds. To create market for prematch events follow these steps:

  • Go to event in Sport Support App;
  • At the top of the page select button 'Add New Bet';
  • In opened new modal 'Create Prematch Bet' select market from dropdown;
  • After market selection, there should appear options with names of teams. You should write odds for these options and select state status;
  • Select Yes or No for option - Allow Betting;
  • Submit new bet on event.

All bets have profit margin. When you enter your odds, it should change from 0 to number higher than 0. If profit margin will be 0, there will be not allowed to submit or save market. For betting on market there must be Allow Betting - Yes, state of options - active and the event itself must be active.

For outright and special type events market creation is with the same steps. The main difference is that you set market name by yourself, there are no selections from dropdown. Outright type events must have two or more options, meanwhile special events needs only one option for market. For outright options addition to market you need to click on button 'Add option'

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