Online Promo Cash

Promo cash is a quick way for organisations to offer online users a temporary promotion. Contrary to online bonus wallet, there are no required rollovers in promo cash. With bets made using promo cash, the user only receives the profit from the slip to the regular wallet.

Promo cash can be added to any online user in the admin interface. The administrator just needs to go to 'Online Betting' → 'Users' → Select the desired user.

The user is then presented with a 'Wallet management' section where the administrator can both increase and decrease the user's regular balance and promo cash balance, as well as create a bonus wallet.

The administrator now needs to just enter the required amount into the promo cash field and click the 'plus' sign. The user is then presented with a pop-up window where he/she can enter the reason or situation why the promo cash amount is increased. The message will be seen in the significant events report.

Further on, there is an optional step to send the user a notification that lets him/her know about the reception of the promo cash. The user can then choose to modify the following fields:

  • Notification expiration time (off by default)
    • Expiration time
    • Time zone
  • Notification type
    • Important
    • Informational
    • Promotional
    • Cancellation
  • Notification message

Users can place bets using promo cash in a simple and straightforward way. All the customer has to do is choose Promo Cash either in the slip menu or in the wallet list.

Promo Cash option in regular slip menu:

  • Prematch Sports
  • Live Sports
  • Live Greyhounds
  • Live Horse Racing
  • Dogs 6

Promo Cash option in wallet list:

  • Spin and Win
  • Winner's Wheel
  • Keno
  • Live Roulette

Users cannot use Promo Cash in the following games:

  • AGT Instant Games
  • Amatic Instant Games
  • Pragmatic Instant Games
  • Habanero Instant Games
  • Evolution Games
  • BetGames iFrame

  1. General Terms
    1. Promo Cash is intended for promotional purposes only and cannot be used for regular gambling.
    2. With bets made using Promo Cash, the user only receives the profit from the slip to the regular wallet.
    3. Promo Cash slips have no expiration date. All Promo Cash slips are instantly paid out.
    4. The Organisation may reclaim any Promo Cash that has been awarded in error.
    5. All customer offers are limited to one per person. If Organisation has reasonable grounds to suspect that Promo Cash is being claimed by or for the benefit of the same person more than once or by a group of people, then it may withdraw the availability of any Promo Cash to that customer or group of customers and/or void any bet funded by Promo Cash and remove any winnings from such bet.
    6. Organisation may, at any time, make minor amendments to the terms and conditions of any offer or promotion to correct typographical errors or to improve on clarity or customer experience and may cancel any offer or promotion for legal or regulatory reasons.
  2. Available Games
    1. Promo Cash bets are available in the following games:
      1. Prematch Sports
      2. Live Sports
      3. Live Greyhounds
      4. Live Horse Racing
      5. Dogs 6
      6. Spin & Win
      7. Winner's Wheel
      8. Keno
      9. Live Roulette
    2. Promo Cash bets are NOT available in the following games:
      1. AGT Instant Games
      2. Amatic Instant Games
      3. Pragmatic Instant Games
      4. Habanero Instant Games
      5. Evolution Gaming
      6. BetGames iFrame
  3. Special Cases
    1. Cancelled bets
      1. If the Promo Cash slip, or all events in the Promo Cash slip, gets cancelled, the Promo Cash is deducted from the account permanently, and no cash is transferred neither to the main wallet nor to the Promo Cash wallet.
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