Bonus Wallet

An online bonus wallet is an easy way for an organisation to run a promotion campaign on its website. It can be applied to a welcome bonus, birthday bonus, or any other bonus campaign that the organisation desires. Bonus wallet features a comprehensive array of settings that can be customized to a specific liking depending on the organisation's promotional needs.

An online bonus wallet can be created either for a single user or a group of users.

A bonus wallet can be created by going to Online BettingUsers, choosing the desired user for bonus wallet creation, and then clicking on the Add bonus wallet button in the Wallet Management section of the profile.

After clicking the "Add bonus wallet" button, a dialog window appears where you can select various options for the bonus wallet.

NOTE: If you select the option "Force the user to use all his bonus balance to place a bet.", you must set a maximum amount of legs per each bet, otherwise, the users will only be able to place single bets (if the default option is left unchanged).

A bonus wallet can be created for multiple users at the same time as well. The option can be accessed by clicking Online BettingBonus wallets for multi users.

Users list can be inserted either manually, or by pasting a list of user IDs. User IDs can be extracted from the Users tab in the Online Betting section. Each user ID can be separated either by a space or a comma.

A user can place a bet with bonus wallet money using the button below the slip. First, the user has to enter the amount of money he/she wants to bet, and then select the Bonus Money section below the slip.

NOTE: If the "Force the user to use all his bonus balance to place a bet." option is selected while creating the promotion, the user has to enter the correct, i.e. full, amount of the bonus wallet in order to place a bet. If there were 100€ transferred to the bonus wallet, the user will have to enter 100€ as the bet amount in order to take advantage of the promotion.

Any user can check whether he or she has an available bonus offer in his or her profile. The bonus offer section appears after a bonus wallet is created for the specific user.

The user can cash out the money from the bonus wallet by accessing the wallet directly through the Bonus Offers section in the user profile. Afterward, the money will then be automatically deposited to the main wallet.

  • Prematch Sports
  • Live Sports
  • Live Greyhounds
  • Live Horse Racing
  • Dogs 6
  • Spin and Win
  • Winner's Wheel
  • Keno
  • Live Roulette

Users cannot use Bonus Wallet funds on the following games:

  • AGT Instant Games
  • Amatic Instant Games
  • Pragmatic Instant Games
  • Habanero Instant Games
  • Evolution Games
  • BetGames iFrame
  • Aviator
  • Playtech
  • NGMGames
  • Twain
  • F*Bastards
  • Gaming Hub Instant Games
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