AGT is one of the several games types Aardvark Technologies offer. AGT offers a wide variety of games that differ in graphical representation, process, and type.

Although all AGT games differ in their design and graphics, their fundamental process is the same. The user has to select the sum he/she wants to bet, and then the game start to spin automatically to determine whether the spin is winning or not.

Every game features its own winning lines (paylines), i.e. lines that determine the winning amount of each spin. The user has to spin mostly three or more adjacent symbols from at least one of those lines in order to win.

  • All pays are left to right on adjacent reels
  • All paylines begin with the leftmost reel, except scatters
  • Scatter wins are added to payline wins
  • Only the highest payline and/or scatter wins are paid
  • Line wins are multiplied by the bet value on each line
  • Scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet value

After a successful winning spin, a user has a chance to gamble. If he/she chooses this option, the user is then presented with a pop-up where he/she has to guess the color or type of the card presented in front. If the user guesses correctly, the winning amount is then either doubled or quadrupled depending on the type of guess the user made. The user can see the statistics of his/her previous guesses on the left of the pop-up.

  • If the user guesses the color of the card correctly, his/her win is then doubled
  • If the user guesses the type of the card correctly, his/her win is then quadrupled
  • If the user guesses incorrectly, his/her win is then nullified

The gambling process can be continued infinitely as long as the user keeps guessing correctly. Once the user decides that he/she wants to stop the gamble, he/she then must click the 'Collect' button at the bottom to collect the winnings.

Poker Games

AGT poker games differ in their process from other games. Each poker game spin is completed in two steps.

  • Five cards are being dealt. After the first round, the player has to choose which cards he/she would like to hold in order to get the best poker combination possible.
  • After the first round, if the game maintains Auto Hold mode, the player will be offered cards that are best for him/her to hold. Those cards are automatically marked.
  • The player can deselect the automatically offered cards and mark different ones to hold.
  • After the selection process, the remaining cards are then discarded, and the second round of the game starts. Those remaining cards are then replaced with different cards from the deck.
  • If a winning combination arises after the second round, the player wins the amount corresponding to the winning combination.

If the user doesn't finish the second step of the poker games process, the spin will remain active until the process is completed. The ticket will remain active for 12 hours, then the instance is closed and the player can start the game anew.

Note: AGT feature an inactive session timeout of 20 minutes, i.e. if the system detects that the user has been inactive for 20 minutes (no user interaction has been made), the user is then logged out, and the game is stopped.

The following AGT games are available:

AGT Games
100 Blue Star 100 Crystal Skull 100 Dream Catcher 100 Dream catcher 6 Reels
100 Hot Pepper 100 Ice Cream 100 Ice Cream 6 Reels 100 Ice Fruits
100 Ice Pepper 100 Jokers 100 Lucky Clover 100 Mega Hot
100 Mega Shine 100 Shining Stars 20 Lucky Clover 20 Lucky Clover 6
40 Blue Star 6 Reels 40 Hot Pepper 6 Reels 40 Ice Fruits 6 Reels 40 Ice Pepper 6 Reels
40 Lucky Clover 40 Lucky Clover 6 40 Super Hot 6 Reels 5 Hot Hot Hot
5 Lucky Clover 50 Apple's Shine 50 Gems AI
Aces and Faces Aladdin Anonymous Apple's Shine
Arabian Nights Arabian Nights 2 Big Five Bitcoin
Blue Star Blue Star 6 Reels Book of Set Casino
Cherry Hot Crown Crystal Skull Double Hot
Dream Catcher Dream Catcher 6 Reels Extra Spin Extra Spin III
Firefighters Gems Grand Theft Green Hot
Hot Pepper Hot Pepper 6 Reels Ice Cream Ice Cream 6 Reels
Ice Fruits Ice Fruits 6 Reels Ice Pepper Ice Pepper 6 Reels
Ice Queen Infinity Gems Jacks or Better Jokers
Keno Fast Lucky Hot Mega Shine Mega Hot
Pharaoh II Pirate Gold Seven Hot Shining Stars
Stalker Super Hot 6 Reels Tens or Better Tesla
The Leprechaun Time Machine II Tropic Hot Wild West

Any user that plays AGT can receive free spins depending on the type of player he/she is.

  • Free spins coefficient is calculated each day at 00:00 UTC
  • The minimum coefficient for all players is 4.5%, the maximum coefficient is 10%.
  • If a player places a bet at least once a day, the coefficient increases by 0.5%
  • If a player doesn't place any bets for a day, the coefficient decreases by 1%
  • Each time a player enters any game after 8 hours have passed from the moment of the last stake, the player receives the free spins

The amount of free spins each player receives is determined in the following manner:

The time period for which the calculation for free spins starts begins after the last time the user receives free spins, i.e. if the customer received free spins on the 23rd, the calculation period starts on the 23rd immediately after the user accepts or declines the free spins. In order to receive free spins, the user must lose money throughout the calculation period. If the customer profits from the AGT throughout the time period, he/she will not receive any free spins.

The profit/loss figure for free spins reception is a cumulative number. For example, in a case when the customer receives free spins on the 23rd, the calculation then starts. If the customer wins money on the 24th and loses money on the 25th, but overall has profited throughout the two days after last receiving free spins, the user will not receive free spins on the 26th. If the user loses enough money on AGT on the 26th to overall lose money throughout the three days after last receiving free spins, the user will receive free spins on the 27th.

Note: Bets made in Poker games are not included in the free spins calculation.

Any player can check his/her free spins status by clicking the settings icon in the menu of any AGT game and then selecting FS.

AGT feature jackpots that consist out of two separate parts - the announcement and the poker-based jackpot game. The process goes in the following way:

  • There are 4 jackpots in total, ranging from smallest to largest, minimum limits of which can be set on the internal AGT website
  • When any of the four limits are reached, a jackpot drops, and the user has a chance to win one of those four jackpots or a sum of all jackpots.
  • A user is then presented with a poker game where he/she must choose 7 cards within a two-minute limit in order to get the best poker combination possible.
  • After the 7 cards are chosen, the user wins the jackpot according to the combination he/she rolled.

The poker combinations correspond to the winnings in the following manner:

  • High Card - 1st Jackpot
  • Two Pairs - 2nd Jackpot
  • Straight & Three of a Kind - 3rd Jackpot
  • Straight Flush & Four of a Kind & Full House & Flush - 4th Jackpot
  • Royal Flush - Sum of all 4 jackpots

Jackpots' rate of increase depends on each bet that is made within the AGT games. Usually, from 0.1% up to 1% of each bet goes to each jackpot. This particular setting can be changed for each organisation individually. The accumulation of all four jackpots is visible at the top of every AGT game. Once the jackpot process is triggered, the four jackpots become greyed out for all users except for the one that triggered the process. Only one player can trigger the jackpot's game at once.

Here's a demonstration of the jackpot-winning process:

After the process is over, the jackpot that was won is then decreased to one of the randomly generated points within the limits that are predetermined for each jackpot individually.

Each AGT game (except Poker) features a way to get free games, i.e. free spins, within the game itself.

  • Each AGT game features a Scatter symbol (which is customized to that particular game).
  • If a user spins at least 3 Scatter symbols in at least one of the game's paylines (the symbols don't have to start from the leftmost reel), the user is rewarded free games.
  • The amount of free games the user gets depends on each AGT game.
  • In addition to getting free games, some games feature multipliers as well which multiply any winnings the player gets using the free games.
  • The stake amount of free games is the same amount that initiated the free games.

All scatter wins are added to regular payline wins.

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