There're many useful and handy shortcuts to ease-up your browsing experience. Since our software works with just browser, there's few shortcuts that may come in hand:

In Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome use F11 keyboard button to close/open full-screen mode

In Microsoft Edge use Shift-Windows-Enter to close/open full-screen mode

Note: On computers with a compact keyboard (such as netbooks and laptops), press the fn + F11 keys.

CTRL+T → Opens new tab

CTRL+W → Closes current tab

This also works in Windows OS, as you can close windows with this shortcut.

CTRL+N → Opens new window

(Chrome) CTRL+SHIFT+N → Opens new Incognito window

CTRL+R → Reloads page (same as F5)

CTRL+SHIFT+T → Re-opens the last closed page

This is also useful if you accidentally close browser. Just turn-on your browser and click the shortcut keys and all closed tabs will re-open.

CTRL+first mouse button (left) on a link → Opens the link in a new tab

Click mouse wheel buttton on a link → Opens the link in a new tab

CTRL+A → Selects all text

CTRL+C → Copies selected text

CTRL+P → Pastes selected text

CTRL+X → Cuts selected text

In some text processors

CTRL+BBolds selected text

CTRL+I → Makes selected text in Italic

CTRL+UUnderlines selected text

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