How to add printer's app to startup programs?

1. Sign in to your cashier account.

2. In Cashier interface click on Printer Status.

3. In the printer menu, click Start printer app

4. In Chrome: at download bar click Keep

This way printer's application will save in your default download folder.

Next, you must create a shortcut for the printer's application.

1. Open the folder where you've downloaded the printer's application.

2. Select printer app and click second mouse button (right) on it.

3. Choose Create a shortcut option from the list.

4. Find the shortcut you've recently created in the same folder.

5. Click second mouse button (right) on the shortcut and select Cut or simply click on the shortcut and click keyboard combo:

Finally, you must place your shortcut in the startup folder.

1. Click keyboard combination:

to open Run menu

Or click start and type "Run" and open Run menu.

2. In the run menu, type: shell:Startup and click Okay.

3. A startup folder will open.

Paste your created shortcut in this folder by clicking second mouse button (right) and selecting paste in the list or by using keyboard combo:

That's it. Next time you'll start your PC, printer's application should start together with PC.

Next time application starts, a pop-up may appear. Just tick the option to always trust and run this program and click button run.
If the program is updated, you'll need to repeat whole process in these instructions.
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