To track google ads conversions (via Google Tag Manager) we need to complete these steps:

  • Set up the Conversion Linker tag
  • Set up the Google Ads Conversion Tracking tag

Conversion Linker tag

The linker tag set up example:

The trigger that needs adding is named 'All Pages', which is available in GTM trigger list as already predefined trigger.

Google Ads Conversion Tracking tag

Before creating the tag, we should get Conversion ID and Conversion Label. These can be found when creating new conversion, in 'Set up tag' section:

Now we will create a tag, which allows tracking registration conversions. Our app is firing many different events to GTM and the event name for when user registers is registrationFinished. We can create a custom trigger for this:

Now this trigger will always be triggered once user creates a new account. Next step is to create a tag, which should look like this:

For basic set up we need to:

  • Add Conversion ID and Conversion Label, which we retrieved earlier
  • Add our custom Registration Finished trigger, that we created earlier
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